Brick is usually considered a quality choice for home exteriors, brick is almost maintenance free and will last as long as the house, though some repairs may be needed from time to time. Timeless and refined, a brick exterior is one of the best options for your home. Brick is also a fire-resistant covering that will increase the value of your home. Research has shown that brick effectively lowers heating and cooling costs by as much as eight percent. Brick is also highly resistant to the effects of high winds and hail damage. Brick is simply one of the most durable siding options and when installed and maintained correctly, will protect your home for as long as your home stands.

Repairing Brick Siding

Most problems with brick sidings occur along the mortar joints or have to do with stains on the bricks themselves. If mortar is poorly applied or contains substandard ingredients, it will eventually crumble. Even the best mortar wears away eventually: The mortar shrinks and cracks open. Freeze-thaw cycles in cold-winter climates, heavy rain, settling, and earthquakes also result in mortar problems.

Cracks can also appear in the brick of any brick wall. Often these cracks, if not repaired, can widen and eventually cause some of the bricks to become loose and drop out of the wall. But we can repair these cracks!

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If you see cracks in your brick or you have loose / missing mortar give our experts a call. We will come out and evaluate the cause of the problem and give you a free estimate to repair the brick and restore your home to its original condition.


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