Knowing that your siding is in need or repair or replacement is not a difficult task. Choosing the best siding to upgrade to or install on a new home is a different story. There are many choices available and sorting through them can be difficult. We recommend speaking with us so that you can discuss your options with one of our siding experts. However, we have put together this guide to help you familiarize yourself with the different types of siding, so you can make the best choice based on your style, needs and budget.

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Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding choices available today. This is due to the fact that vinyl siding is durable, comes in a range of color options, and it is relatively low cost. There are also a huge variety of profiles of vinyl, including: horizontal or vertical panels, dutch lap, shakes, shingles, beaded, and fish scales or scallops.

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Although Aluminum siding has been on a slow decline over the last 40 years as competition from composite materials has increased. It is still a viable option for your home because of durability, insulating properties and its relatively low cost.

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Perhaps the second most popular siding option is fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding is a mixture of wood, sand and cement. It is created to look and feel like natural wood siding, but with greater advantages.

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Stucco is the predominant siding of choice in the southwest states like Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California as well as Florida because of the stability of the grounds in these locations and the overall efficiency for these climates.

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Stone siding maybe considered the most aesthetically appealing type of siding on the market today. There are lots of options when it comes to stone siding, from choosing the stone type and style, to choosing a manufactured stone veneer or real stone. Is stone siding right for you?

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Brick siding is a popular siding option as it is considered to last forever. There are countless houses and buildings that are over 100 years old built with brick siding, and they are still in good condition. You can opt for regular brick or brick veneer, which is a finished exterior layer of brick that sits on the outside of the house.


Wood siding is another popular siding option due to its natural and timeless look. There is a wide variety of wood species to choose from, including: pine, fir, cedar, and redwood.

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