Soffit Vents are probably the most common type of intake vents found on residential homes in the United States. They are easily installed under the roof overhang which is called the “Soffit”. They are typically never noticed by anyone and are naturally protected from the weather, debris, pests. They provide excellent airflow into the attic.

The typical construction material is aluminum or vinyl. They can be installed as a continue venting or individually. It is more common to see a Continuous Soffit Vent around the entire eave of the home. It is very important to know what Soffit Vent to choose for your home as the right vent with the a sufficient NFA must be used for proper ventilation.

It goes without saying that Soffit Vents must remain free from blockage both inside the home and out so that the air can flow through them.

Installing the soffits is fairly straight forward but is not recommend for the average DIY Homeonwer. Working from under the soffit, your our roofing professional will mark the size of the vent and then cut a hole slightly smaller than the unit (about two inches shorter and narrower), between the rafters. They will then install using screws, according to manufacturer specifications. Again knowing which Soffit to select is of major concern.

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