Not every home has eaves and can use a soffit style intake vent. If your home doesn’t allow for soffit vents that you may want to consider a drip edge vent. Drip Edge vents allow air into the attic along the “drip edge” of the roof line. They help promote water evacuation and also promote positive air flow through the attic, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They are typically made up of a non-corrosive material that sticks out from the roofs edge a few inches, often galvanized aluminum.

This style is not sued with gutters and this type of drip edge vent can promote ice dams in cold weather climates and should only be used if soffit vents are not an option.

Just like a drip edge, the drip edge vent is applied along the eaves, the underlayment or waterproofing membrane is installed on top, and then the gable end drip edge can be applied on top. This sequence will help promote waterproofing. If you think drip edge vents are an option for you, then contact our team and we can help you choose the right intake vent for your home.

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