If you have found your way to this page you believe you have a problem with your roof. Before we get into some details about our roof repair service please consider the following:

Cost Effective

Roof replacement is expensive and it is often unnecessary. We specialize in helping our clients save money by our expertise in roof repair. Roof repairs are usually affordable and offer a long term solution which extends the life of your roof.

Prevent Future Damage

Fixing a small repair now will go a long way to saving you a much bigger problem in the future. Our repairs are typically permanent and will save you from many other future problems.

Don't Wait

Waiting to fix a problem will only make the problem worse and could lead to substantial damage to other areas of your home. Our estimates are free and we are ready to take a look at your roof. We promise to provide you with a comprehensive inspection and offer you all of the available options so you can make the best decision for you.


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Here are some additional roof repair questions we often answer for our clients to help in determining the best type of repair for our client’s home.

Can MY Roof Be Repaired or Does It Need to Be Replaced?

While a lot of people think that a leaking roof needs to be replaced, this may not be the case unless the roof is old or has been damaged by Mother Nature across the whole roof. Missing, cracked, broken, and curling shingles can be repaired and replaced to stop a leak, while older roofs or roofs with multiple leaks or widespread issues should be replaced.

What Will the Roof Repair cost?

costs vary greatly depending on the pitch of your roof, the type of shingles you have, what condition the roof is in, and how many layers of shingles you have. The best way to find out the cost is to request a free estimate.

Can I Repair my Roof Myself?

ile some small jobs can be tackled by DIY homeowners, our team has gone through training and certification by the manufacturer of the materials in order to obtain extended manufacturer warranties. The manufacturer won’t offer (or void) the warranty if the roof is repaired by a person he is not trained by the manufacturer. In addition, we know what to look for and can identify root causes of problems or problems that are unseen that a homeowner would never catch. Remember, it costs nothing for us to come look at your roof and identify if you have any problems.

How Long Will MY Roof Repair Last?

Many factors will determine how long a roof repair will last. It is impossible to put a number on a non-specific problem. If you have our team come check out your roof and we find a problem, we will be able to give you an accurate cost to repair and also let you know how long you can expect that repair to last. Most repairs will last as long as a new roof would in that section provided mother nature doesn’t come calling again. The weather is by far the biggest determinant in how long a new roof or repair roof will remain that way.

Why do roofs fail?

The biggest causes of a failing roof are related to weather issues like: Hail, Direct sunlight, Extreme Temperature Changes, snow and Ice, Mildew and other factors. Also the color of the roof can make a difference as darker colored roofs tend to wear quicker than lighter colored roofs.

Does all hail damage a roof?

Whether hail from a storm damaged your roof or not is dependent on many many factors. The again for the roof, the size of the hail, the wind at the time, the height from which the hail fell are all factors. If your home has recently been through a hail storm, call us right away. you should have your roof inspected for free quickly. Approximately 90% of roofs that have been damaged by hail never get checked.

How can I find the source of a leak?

one of the hardest things to do is find the source of a leak because where the leak shows itself inside the house is often very different from where it originated from. water likes to cling to surfaces before it falls and comes through your ceiling. Gravity and surface tension of water often leads water to travel far from the leak source before it appears in your home. our professionals are ready to find your leak and we have the knowledge and experience to find the leak and fix it correctly and provide a lasting repair.


Free Leak Detection I Roof Analysis I Claim Analysis

If you suspect your roof is damaged or leaking in anyway the smartest decision you can make is to call us right away. Have our team provide a free inspection to give you peace of mind and save you from costly delays in repairing the problem should one exist.

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