Receive Loan Amounts Up To $30,000

Unsecured credit program. No equity required. Fast, secure, paperless process.

We’ve partnered with some of the premiere home improvement financing companies to help make your roof project easier.

Why use Our Finance Program?

Our finance companies offer the most financing options available to our clients. They specialize in helping our clients achieve the home of their dreams. They are solely focused on financing options for homeowners looking to make home improvements. Since they have this specialization they understand the unique needs of our Roofing Customers and will work with you to find the right financing option for you!

Special Program Highlights

Rental/Investment Properties

Past Bankruptcy

Mobile Home



Here are some additional roof repair questions we often answer for our clients to help in determining the best type of repair for our client’s home.

Roof Financing FAQs:

How Will I Know My Loan Amount, Apr And Payment Information?

We will email your loan documents, which include all information pertinent to your loan including the amount financed, APR, Finance Charges, etc. At the conclusion of your purchase window we will send a revised statement based on your purchases and balance. You can call us at 1-866-393-0033 with loan or payment questions.

How Do We Get Paid?

The loan amount will be directed deposited to The Roof Clinic at job completion.

Is There A Pre-payment Fee?

Not usually. Most of the time our finance options do not promote penalizing borrowers for early payoff.

Are There Late Payment Fees?

Yes. Late fees are dictated by State law. Your Loan Agreement provides this information.

Where Can I Find Information About My Previous Payments And My Current Balance?

Our financing companies all offer online account management. By enrolling in their online account management program, you can make payments and view other details about your account.

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